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[IP] reduced basal after exercise

New exercise regimen:

 I am trying to run/bike/stairmaster 1/2 hour every day from 2-2:30.  Since
I eat lunch at 11:00, most, if not all, of my lunch bolus (H) is out of my
system when I begin.  Beginning with a good (80-120) sugar, I have been
setting a temp basal for 0 1/2 hour before exercise, drinking a 1/2 pint of
milk, then exercising, and then keeping the basal to 0 for increasingly
longer periods of time after the workout ends.  Hourly post-exercise testing
indicates that I do not not experience a rise in BG until 2 1/2 hours after
the end of the workout, meaning that I've gone 3 1/2 hours without any
insulin whatsoever.  It also appears that if I wait to see a rise in the BG
(2/12 hours post-workout) before resetting to my normal basal, I go too high
before dinner.

This is an experiment in process.  Anyone have any comments/experience they
care to share?


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