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Re: [IP] Not a happy MiniMed user

At 03:10 PM 1/29/1999  Ginny Kloth wrote:
>Yes..I do this exactly as you wrote..One arm is on one side of the
>plunger..other arm is on the other side..I fill the cartridge I put the
>infusion set on the cartridge and push the plunger til insulin comes out. I
>then put the cartridge in the pump with the arms on each side of plunger. I
>then prime 5.0 units and more insulin comes out. I then insert infusion
>site in
>me..take my blood sugars and bolus accordingly. and my BGs go UP. 

Then, in my opinion, you have a broken pump. It sounds like the arms are
not advancing properly and not consistently making deliveries the way they
are supposed to. Call MiniMed and insist on talking to a supervisor.

There is a lead-screw rotation test... I don't know if the MM support
people had you do this. If not,
1. Disconnect at the quick-release
2. Locate the groove or a white mark at the end of the lead screw. On mine,
there is a painted line on the left side (looking at it from the back).
3. Put in a 7.2 unit bolus. This is supposed to make the lead screw make
one complete revolution. If the mark does not return to the exact same
location you have a problem. Call MM for sure!!
4. If no insulin flows from the infusion set during the lead-screw test you
might have:
	a. Air in the line.
	b. An obstruction in the tubing.
	c. The two arms of the reservoir driver are not positioned properly.

This is all outlined at the end of the MM 507 User Guide (page 116 in my


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