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We are investigating the pump for our 5 yr. old daughter.  She has been
diabetic for almost 2 yrs. When asking the Endo, they don't do it.  While
talking w/ our CDE she said she doesn't know of anyone  who would put a 5  yr.
old on the pump.  I told her about this group and how there are many young
pumpers and she said she would be very curious to know where these kids live
and who their Endo's are.  Now my reason for writing to you.  Would anyone
consider sending me info. on what state they live in and their Endo. who put
their child (under 8 yrs. old) on the pump????  Maybe phone numbers??? 
You could e-mail me privately at MOMMY email @ redacted

Thank you so very much for any assistance in this matter.

Amanda's mom
Age 5     dx at 3 1/2
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/