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[IP] We're going for it....Thanks to all of YOU!

My husband has been a type 1 since 1987, taking 4 shots a day and having
so many lows that he doesn't feel them coming on any more.  Well....After
a lot of reading and listening to all of you out there I have been able
to convince my husband to give the pump a try.  I must admit I think I'm
as nervous as he is (maybe more because if something goes wrong-I'm to
blame).  It took courage for me to let him see the challenges everyone
has had during this process because I was afraid he would close the book,
but thank God he didn't!

I would like to thank those of you who have responded to me personally
with your words of encouragement.  It has meant a great deal to us both. 

The wheels are turning and hopefully we will begin within the next couple
of weeks.  We have decided to go with the Disetronics pump.  Wish us
years of pumping!

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