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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #771

> I know many insurance policies are different, but does insurance usually
> pay for part/all of this?   Are the supplies cheaper if you order them
> from someone besides Disetronic?  Thanks for your help.  I have learned
> SO much from this forum.  Kate Uhlman

It will depend on:
1)  your insurance policy
2). if you order the supplies using their correct procedure and if you are
ordering them from their approved source (these differ lots and lots from
policy to policy -- I've had a pump for 17 years and 7 insurance policies in
the last 6 years and only two of the 7 had anything like the same approval
methods.  3 used one set of supplies, 2 another and the others couldn't
figure out how to do it)
3). if you set it up so your need for the supplies has been established --
this should happen when they approve the pump.

The cost will only matter if you have a policy that requires you to pay a
portion of the cost and gives you more than one choice.  (Some do but some
don't -- they also vary from state to state).

If they refuse, you just have to keep at it -- the insurance will become
another job.  Some good years you won't spend more than 20 or 30 hours
working on it.  Others, you will spend days each month.  The better you get
at convincing people to be helpful and anticipating the bureaucratic demands
the easier it will get.

Don't mean to scare you -- when it works (it's taken me less than 3 weeks and
4 hours of phone calls to get pump supplies this time with new company) its
great, when it doesn't, it sucks (it's taken as much as 80 logged hours on
the phone and weeks and months of approvals and mistakes.  Generally new
pumpers get an insurance honeymoon that seems to last somewhere between a
year and five.   Then you just have to learn to be endlessly nice, endlessly
persistent, and endlessly convinced they have to help you!

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