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[IP] Insulins

Which type of Insulin do you use in your pump?  I started on the pump on
January 19, I am using Humalog.  I like it but its very pricey.  My insurance
will not pay for any part of it.  I am not a person with deep pockets.  I am
disabled and live on SSI so my income is limited.  I figured I will be going
through about 3 to 4 vials per month.  And this will add up quickly.  At
$28.00 per vial thetas $112.00 per month or $1,344.00 per year.  My those
numbers are depressing.  My DR has written to my insurance and told them the
Humalog is needed.  I haven't heard any thing yet.  I even called today to
check on it.  I am thinking of asking my DR if I can use R insulin.  This they
will pay part after my copay.  I am thinking about seeing if Lilly will give
me a price break.  But I need to talk to my DR first.
I didn't mean to burden you with my problems but I get torque when I think I
have a nice insulin pump that is working wonders on my blood sugars and I
can't get the right type of medicine I need.

Nasty Ben
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