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Re: [IP] Off Of Pump

In a message dated 99-01-29 19:14:50 EST, you write:

<< Can someone tell me what the routine is when you go off the pump for a
 few hours?  Spencer's pump is having a problem with the lead screw and
 they are sending us a new one by Saturday at Noon.  I am having him test
 every hour, but I'm not sure how much Humalog insulin to give and when.
 Thanks in advance for your help. >>
Add up the hourly basal rate and give that by injection every 4 to 5 hours.
Don't forget to add in whatever is needed for the carb count. And if the BG is
higher than before meal target, add the amount needed to correct for the high.
Round off the total amounts to the nearest whole number, usually using the
lowest rounded number, just to avoid giving too much and causing a low. Have
glucose tabs and snacks available. Check during his sleeping hours to make
sure he is not too high or too low, and treat the BG accordingly.  Don't
panic.  I hope this helps.

Barbara B. 
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