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Re: [IP] Off Of Pump

> Can someone tell me what the routine is when you go off the pump for
> a few hours?  Spencer's pump is having a problem with the lead screw
> and they are sending us a new one by Saturday at Noon.  I am having
> him test every hour, but I'm not sure how much Humalog insulin to
> give and when. Thanks in advance for your help.
He probably does not need to test that often. Go to the drug store 
and get some Velosulin or Humulin R. When Lily goes off the pump, she 
switches to Regular for her basal requirements, taking what she needs 
to cover her for 4 - 5 hours at a time with a shot in the middle of 
the night to carry her through til morning. This eliminates the need 
for any long term N or U insulins and you can go back on the pump 
instantly. Back your basal needs up 2 hours (2 hours earlier than H) 
and calculate what you need for 4 hours at a time then shoot every 5 
hours (little cushion there). Regular does peak after about 2 hours 
or so, so target a little higher bg value NOT 100. Continue to use 
Humalog for meals. Your son will find that shots in the tummy skin 
are less painful than arms or legs and he can still use the ice cube 
trick to make it almost painless.

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