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Re: [IP] Pumper ID

Ben:.. I have an Emergency Information Card that came with my MM Pump.. it states
I'm wearing an external insulin infusion pump and not to remove without the
consent of my doctor.. did you not get one with your pump..perhaps the rep at MM
wasn't sure what you were asking for..

email @ redacted wrote:

> I was told to carry ID with me that stated I wore a pump.  I called MM to see
> if they had a wallet ID.  I was told no.  So after some creative thinking I
> hit on the idea to take my Medic Alert Neckless to a jeweler and have the word
> "Insulin Pump" engraved on the lower section on the back side of the Neckless.
> It will cost $5.50 and what ever the governor's the share is.  I have told
> Medic Alert to update there records to show I now was a pumper.  Now I am
> thinking of doing something to put in my wallet and have it laminated.  So it
> will last for a while.
> Nasty Ben
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