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Re: [IP] Not a happy MiniMed user

At 02:14 PM 1/29/1999  Ginny Kloth wrote:
>I do everything right..I push through by hand (which I don't have to do on the
>Disetronic pump) the insulin until a drop comes out..then I prine 5,0
>units..and then put the cartridge in the pump correctly..but still high BGs.
>I called MiniMed and I did not like the tone they used with me..They think it
>is something I am not doing..I AM doing everything right..I do everything step
>by step..I get better results with the D pump..I don't know why..

>From you description, something seems out of sequence here... when I change
this is what I do:

1. Rotate the plunger and work it up and down while the reservoir is still
empty. Then load the insulin into the reservoir and get rid of bubbles.
2. Remove the reservoir needle and attach the tubing to the reservoir at
the Luer Lock.
3. Gently push the reservoir plunger until insulin starts to come through
the set needle. Make sure there are no obvious bubbles in the tubing that
have not been pushed out. 
4. Place the reservoir in the pump. Make sure the two little arms on the
right side straddle the end of the reservoir and that the flat side of the
plunger is up.
5. Bolus until insulin once-again comes out... for me it is usually
somewhere between 3-4 units, but this may vary. (This insures that the pump
is putting pressure on the reservoir plunger).
6. Then I attach the set to the Silhouette (I'm assuming you already have
put this in place).
7. Once this is done, I bolus between 0.8 and 1.0 units to fill the
cannula. (I often will give myself an added 0.5 units to compensate for the
time I was off the pump, changing the set).

Is this exactly, step-by-step what you did? If so, there is something else
drastically wrong here. I'm really sorry that MM customer support seemed
rude to you... there is no excuse for that.


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