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[IP] Not a happy MiniMed user

I do everything right..I push through by hand (which I don't have to do on the
Disetronic pump) the insulin until a drop comes out..then I prine 5,0
units..and then put the cartridge in the pump correctly..but still high BGs.
I called MiniMed and I did not like the tone they used with me..They think it
is something I am not doing..I AM doing everything right..I do everything step
by step..I get better results with the D pump..I don't know why..
I have to drive 2 hours to meet with the rep and stay all day. I am not
to drive because of siezures which means hubby has to take off work..We have
tried everything. I have been pumping 3 1/2 years..i know how to read..I know
how to follow directions. I know we are doing this right..There is something
wrong when I have to increase the basals to almot 1 unit and still BGs are
going higher and not coming down  several hours later I put back on my D
pump..bolus according to sliding scale and within 1 to 2 hours I am back
down..I use same type of infusion set..There is no scar tissue and I never
had an infection. I rotate my sites..it isn;t me...Yes I pull in and out the
plunger and turn it..yes I push insulin through it,. yes I prime it..there
is a heck of alot more monkeying around with the MiniMed pump..but I do
everything! I am suppose to.
I am very frustrated..MiniMed knew nothing about how the D pump works. ALl I
know is that I see the insulin in the D cartridge go down but I don't see the
insulin in the M cartridge go down until several hours later. They can have
pump back..
I'll get an upgrade in the D pump i guess..

At 04:50 PM 1/27/99 , you wrote:
>At 01:45 PM 1/27/1999  Ginny Kloth wrote:
>>I put my D pump back on..Bolused in within an hour my BGs are down to
>>Now I think I am going to call minimed tomorrow and ask what is wrong?
>>just wanted to share I am feeling better!
>It sounds like there was something wrong with your MM pump. I hope they
>exchange it promptly for you.

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