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Re: [IP] Doctor's Referral Letter

Karen: In the MiniMed Pumpers Manual that is used by the trainers.. there
is a couple of different letter that are used by the medical profession
for the insurance companies.. check with you nurse/educator at your local
diabetic clinic..

Karen Cleaver wrote:

> I will be going to my doctor on Monday, and I know it's last minute,
> but does anyone out there have a copy of the letter their doctor sent
> to the insurance company to approve them for the pump?  I talked to
> the insurance company and they said they would need a referral from my
> doctor and that approval usually only takes 1 - 2 weeks.  Since I
> don't know my doctor very well and am not sure how he feels about
> pumping, I'd like to be able to provide him with a few "key phrases",
> if necessary, to speed along the insurance approval process.  (Jan, I
> should have asked you about this when I saw you! I'm taking Sonja's
> name and number with me in case he needs to speak to someone nearby
> about pumps!!)  If anyone has anything, they can e-mail me privately
> at email @ redacted
> Thanks,
> karen
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