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Re: Instruction sheet, was: Re: [IP] silhouettes

At 03:23 AM 1/29/1999  Bob Burnett wrote:
>Sue wrote:
>>Laura (and everyone else) - this seems to be a continuing problem with
>>- not sending instructions with the Sil samples. Please, take the time to
>>them and make them aware (again) of this. I know many, many people, including
>>me, who have had the same problem and called. They keep saying they will
>>correct the problem, but so far, no luck.
>There are MiniMed reps on the list here. Perhaps they can take note of this
>and get the info posted to their web site (or get the document in
>electronic format to us and we'll post it on the Insulin Pumpers site).
>The instructions are too important to neglect.

Just for everyone's information, I mailed a spare Silhouette instruction
sheet to Laura yesterday, since she didn't have access to a fax. She should
be getting it by Monday or so. She had indicated that there was no rush.


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