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[IP] RE: silhouette, and Rally for a Cure

	 Hi Laura--

	About a month ago I sent out a message to the listserv asking about how
to insert the silhouette.  About 10 people on this list responded to me with
tips and words of encouragement, which I printed out and placed on the table
next to me as I inserted it for the first time.  Let me know if you'd like a
copy of that...I could e-mail it to you directly.

	Also, when I was ready to try it for the first time, I called Minimed's
1-800 number and asked to have someone go through the steps with me.  I spoke
with some guy whose name escapes me, but he was just wonderful.  He explained
every step of the process to me and encouraged me go at my own pace.  I think it
was really helpful to have him there...not only because I was really terrified
of that needle, but just to make sure I was going about the whole thing
correctly.  It might be something to consider.  

	By the way...I'm now on my third silhouette and I'm really loving it.
Thanks again to everyone who responded to my first e-mail.

	Is anyone else on the listserv planning on going to Rally for a Cure on
March 8th and 9th in DC?


	Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 14:32:34 -0500
	From: Laura Kiernan <email @ redacted>
	Subject: [IP] silhouettes

	minimed sent me some sample silhouettes to try, but unfortunately they
	not send any instructions as to how to use them ... hmmm ... can anyone
	give me a lesson?

	- -laura
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