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Re: [IP] Insurance run around

>   After fighting with about 7 people at in ins. co, I finally got them to
> at least pay for this visit !!

Please contact the Insurance Commissioner, news people, also some Board for
Medical Doctors.  After a year and a half of hell and wanting to take down all
insurance companies and endo's I've also learned not to give up.  There are
resources out there that will help that will listen.  Believe me if anyone close
to me saw me write that they would fall over.  All  my efforts and letters are
starting to pay off and it feels awesome.  It has not been easy and road ahead
will require more effort on my behalf, but darn it we're worth it, I am worth it.
Go get them I say.  If you want to talk off line and or get copies of some of the
stuff I've written ( that have always passed through the grammar expert in the
house ) I would be more than happy to share.  Feel free to email me personally.
email @ redacted

> Three and a half hours on the phone and I
> still don't know if they will continue to pay for pump supplies.  Insurance
> co.'s SUCK !!!

Yes they do.  There a big business, it's not about human life.  When I met with my
representatives I asked them that.  I said while all of you are talking dollars
and cents my heart is bleeding because this is my life you're talking about and
millions of others.  I think I may have had a small impact, but it's a start.

> And, to make a bad day even worse,  of all the Endos that were
> on my group there is only one that will take pump patients !!!  How can they
> call themselves Endos if they don't know about pump therapy ?

HOw can they call themselves Endo's if they won't work with you?  If they won't
help you?

It's maddening, so lease fight, don't let them win.   I am not the worlds best
writer and I hope that anything I've written has not come across in a way that you
feel I don't hear your frustration.  I hear and feel the frustration and anger.  I
just want to encourage people to go after these people/business and exhaust all

Good Luck!  My thoughts and good wishes are with anyone that is having to deal
with anything similar to this.  I wouldn't wish this past year and half on anyone,
well ok maybe a few of those Endo's! :-)


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