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Re: [IP] Insurance run around

email @ redacted wrote:
> Good news and bad.  First the good .Went to the Endo today and my A1C was down
> to 6.5 from 8.9 after only one month of pumping.  To totally put a damper on
> good day, my insurance co merged with another and I will need to find a new
> Endo.  After fighting with about 7 people at in ins. co, I finally got them to
> at least pay for this visit !!  Three and a half hours on the phone and I
> still don't know if they will continue to pay for pump supplies.  Insurance
> co.'s SUCK !!!  And, to make a bad day even worse,  of all the Endos that were
> on my group there is only one that will take pump patients !!!  How can they
> call themselves Endos if they don't know about pump therapy ?

A question comes to mind about their resisting supporting your pumping needs.
I've had employers change insurance carriers, and there's been a statement that
"the new coverage will at least equal the old" or words to that effect. Have
given you any such assurance, especially on paper? If so hold them to it!

Of course, since it's a merger they likely didn't go to the trouble, but worth
checking into, anyway.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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