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Well, the doc has finally ordered the pump, and according to MiniMed, it
was sent out today -- should arrive tomorrow, or Monday.

OK, one problem down. Next item is that I can't get scheduled for
training until the first week of MARCH! Sigh!!!! And then they gotta do
the saline thing, and I'm not scheduled to start insulin until March 17.
I guess this whole thing is designed to teach me patience! 

I don't really need the saline thing, because I KNOW how to push the
buttons, and I certainly have seen pumps and have lots of friends with
lots of pump experience, plus I know my own body and insulin needs VERY
well -- but I'm gonna do it to keep the medicos happy -- they have a
procedure, and it's designed to cover their asses, and so I'm gonna help
them cover their asses sweetly!


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