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Re: [IP] synthroid?


Low thyroid levels will raise your bg b/c your metabolism slows down and you
burn less energy.  Synthroid shouldn't make you nauseus -- I looked it up to
make sure, but I've also been taking it since I was 11.  Could your dose be
too high?
-- that usually makes me feel funny in all kinds of ways.

Heather Bannister wrote:

>     Just got lab results back--I am feeling really bummed.  A1C was 8.3,
> and I need to go back to synthroid.  I stopped taking it for a while cuz
> it made me nauseus.  Is there anything else I could take?
> That damn A1c--I've actually been trying for the past three monthes--my
> last one before that was 7.9 w/out trying.  I have no idea why it's so
> high.
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