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Re: [IP] synthroid?

Heather and Pumpers,

I've met pumpers whose innate target BG is 200 because of a fear of hypos.
Are you one of these?

I'm 50 years old; I have a recent bachelor of arts degree in molecular
biology; I am a dealer of art in Austin, Texas USA (I framed my diploma);
I'm married with two young children.  IDDM since 1987.

I had a hundred hypos as an intensively controlled type I MDI-er.  My wife
had to give me glucose on numerous occasions.  Paramedics at least four

I got down to 6.4% on MDI, but the hypos were injuring my body, and
ultimately led my Endo to recommend pumping.

Fourteen months later, since I began pumping, no hypos.  My first a1c after
pumping was 4.9% and my most recent was 5.2%.  I can't speak for anyone
else, but I am not afraid of inducing a hypo.

Why not?  I figure it's because I no longer use the long-acting insulin
(lente, nph, ultralente etc.) that would catch me 6-8 hours after I injected
it.  I no longer even use regular either (too slow).  Where (on MDI) I would
have a pool of 10 or so units of that stuff in me most of the time, now with
short acting Humalog and the pump, I never have more that a unit or two
apart from boluses.

At our pumpers club meeting last night, we joked we all want an insulin that
acts faster than Humalog.<vbg>  But I digress.

If I had your results (and I admit I know nothing about your thyroid), I
would aggressively test and bolus to hit my target (<120).  I test 6x or
more daily and always adjust toward target (infuse insulin or eat glucose).

What do I do when a spot test indicates high BG (>160-180mg/dl)?  Consider
circumstances.  Have I just eaten CHO or a particularly greasy, oily,
fat-laden meal?  If it was CHO and BG is still rising, I would bolus up to
twice as much insulin as usual to get it down.  A fatty meal?  I would bolus
as above and maybe also temporarily increase basals.  Under these
conditions, I would test every hour or so, correcting after each test not
moving to target.

I count carbs.  I live my algorithm (In other words), grams carbs processed
per unit Insulin, unit insulin per mg/dl of change.  I do the math

When I fast, what are my BGs?  Basal infusion settings should hold me near
target.  If not, these need to be adjusted.

I try to keep it simple.  I change just one thing at a time.  By that I mean
I stay with the same insulin, same algorithm, the same eating patterns same
quantities etc.  I adjust basals conservatively.  Objective:  I want to try
to keep few the factors controlling my BG.  Otherwise, I don't learn what
caused the change.

IMO, My approach is insulin and the pump should handle the BG.

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Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 5:25 PM
Subject: [IP] synthroid?

>    Just got lab results back--I am feeling really bummed.  A1C was 8.3,
>and I need to go back to synthroid.  I stopped taking it for a while cuz
>it made me nauseus.  Is there anything else I could take?
>That damn A1c--I've actually been trying for the past three monthes--my
>last one before that was 7.9 w/out trying.  I have no idea why it's so
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