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Re: [IP] hypoglycemic seizures

Well it sure made me laugh, Wayne - for two reasons -  The empircally-tempered
answer to the theoretical question, and secondly the use of  "all those subtle
double negatives"  when talking about avoiding complexity...  Maybe my sense of
humour is just a little too refined....


email @ redacted wrote:

> Well Celia, it sounds ok to me, even will all those subtle double
> negatives.  What it was supposed to say was we physiologists always use the
> simplest models for as long as they continue to provide sensible
> interpretations.  But with all the current doublespeak going on in the
> country these days, it seems to have affected my linguistic abilities.
> What after all does "necessary" really mean? And "it" can also mean
> anything we want it too.  *S*
> -wm
> <But since you clearly have a sense of humour, Wayne, can you see why a a
> lawyer or
> <scientist might understand the following statement whereas a mathematician
> (such as
> <myself) might consider it to be highbrow humour?
> <Celia
> >> It  certainly might be possible, but unless the
> >>simpler explanations fail,  it might not be necessary to get so complex.

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