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[IP] Re: Pumps and eyes

I've been Pumping for 5 months now and just had my first optho 
exam since starting. The doc was somewhat suprised at first that 
my eyesight had "Improved" until he heard that I was on the pump. 
So with eyesight and retinopathy YMWV, especially if you pump.

Geo. Lovelace

> << I also have been told that  improved control on the pump can make
> retinopathy
>  worse. >>
> When I told my opthimologist that I was going on the pump, he said that =
> there had been cases where people have "funny eye problems" that were =
> not retinopothy.  He said most often it was because people had been out =
> of control before the pump, and that pump therapy had improved their =
> control so drastically, there eyes did funny things.  Sometimes people =
> became temporarily near-sighted or far-sighted.  He also told me that =
> these problems disappeared after a few months in better control.  Since =
> my A1c's were in the 7's before the pump, he didn't think I would have =
> that much of a problem, but some people may have them.  He did stress =
> that it was NOT retinopothy that people were having.
> Lisa

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