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Re: [IP] BGs are now down

I changed the infusion set also. I have had my old pump in since I last wrote
and my BGs are great! I am thankful because I was not feeling so good with
those high Bgs..I kept bolusing and bolusing and the Bgs kept going up..I
understand. I used the same brand infusion site but new one on my old
I am back to normal..I will call MiniMed tomorrow..I would now prefer to
upgrade my D pump..we will see and time will tell. I thought by Friday I will
re-start my MiniMed and see what happens..

At 09:47 PM 1/27/99 , you wrote:
>Ginny - very glad those nasty blood sugars are down. I can't imagine why the
>different pumps would make a difference. Did you leave in the same infusion
>set and just change the pump? It will be interesting to see what Minimed has
>to say - maybe you do have a malfunctioning pump. I'll bet $$ they will send
>you a new pump. Keep us posted!
>Sue Tappendorf
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