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Re: [IP] Pump is coming


I was were you are now 8 days ago.  I got my pump a week before Christmas.  My
Doctor was out of town for the Christmas Holidays weeks and my MM rep was busy
also.  So I couldn't be hooked up to the pump till January 19 Th.  Like you I
was scared, anxious, and a few other feelings I don't have words to describe.
When I final met w/the MM rep all worries and concerns went out the door.  We
spent 4 hours together, going over the blue note book, talking and her
answering my questions and then getting hooked up.  Part of me said wow!  I
was worried and wasted time worrying over nothing.  It's great, my BS are now
lower then they have been in probably 16 years.  Good Luck, and don't worry,
Save getting those gray hairs for something else.
Nasty Ben
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