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Re: [IP] Re: Plantar's Warts

> After doing this for 6 months, I just gave up because they were still
>there.  However another 6 months later, I woke up one morning and they
>were GONE.  It was like a miracle.  I think as the saying goes YMMV.

As embarassing and incomvenient as they are; warts *do* go away.  I've had
a variety over the last thirty years and they do go away with time; like
2-8 years.  Magically; almost overnight!

OOne treatment I use and have found useful is to freeze them off.  A
dermatologist once did this with liquid nitrogen and I have taken up the
practice at home with "gum remover".  This "gum remover" works by freezing
teh gum so that it chips away.  I simply spary a *little* on the wart twice
a day and eventually with sanding (100 grit) it at least minimizes in size.

Now, I CAUTION people with the use of this stuff.  this is simply *my*
experiences and practice.  YMMV.

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

"Silence is a lie.  Silence has a loud voice.  It shouts, 'Nothing
important is happening -- don't worry.' So, when something important IS
going on, silence is a lie."  -A.M. Rosental

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