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Re: RE: [IP] Silhouettes

I have not had success with silhouettes -- of the samples I have tried, 2
crimped on insertion, the initial one I didn't get in at all, one became
painful after a day or so (inserted above the waist -- some of us just don't
seem to be built like that guy on the minimed sheet).  I talked to the pump
trainer about it, and we agreed I would make another appt. to get more
specific advice, because she thinks it could increase my possible sites (and
she seems to prefer them anyway).

But when I ordered my supplies from Minimed, they talked me out of ordering
one box of silhouettes with the 3 of softsets because they said my insurance
would then refuse to pay for the softsets because they were more expensive
(largely because there are 12 instead of 10 in a box).  Do any of you have
problems with this?  It sounds from discussions that there are a number of you
who use both for different sites.

Linda Zottoli
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/