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[IP] Plantar's Warts - a Better Way

Lisa Olson Wrote:

> I had a huge cluster of warts on my left heel for about 3 years......I
think that most Plantar wart treatments HAVE to put a warning for people
with Diabetes because of possible neuropothy, but if you have no signs of
it and you check your feet for sores, etc.  it is as safe for us as for
other people.

I too was bothered by this, I had many warts on one foot for over three
years.  I used over the counter remedies which worked temporarily.  I went
to the doctors who burned them off.  I went to another doctor who froze
them off, I even went to the hospital as a walk-in patient, was put under,
and had them cut off again.  Each time, after a few months they came back
fast and furious.

Finally, I went to a podiatrist who prescribed something very different. 
Vitamin E (or maybe it was Vitamin A) this was 20 years ago- taken daily in
a very high dose , prescription form.  Each night I was to rub castor oil
in a circular motion into the warts for five minutes.  In the morning, I
was to wash my foot and apply a lamb's wool dressing for the day.

The continued for about three months and almost drove me crazy.  However,
the warts slowly disappeared, there was no pain, no cutting, no surgery and
no fear of not healing.

Worked perfectly for me and since then several of my friends.


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