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[IP] Re: Sugar Free Recipes

I have been baking for many years and have always found that baking without
is very difficult.  There is a definite change in texture and colour not to
mention taste, once the original amount of sugar has been reduced or

In Canada, the product Splenda can be partially substituted with some
limited success.  If too much is used, the cake or cookie is better off in
the compost.  The taste is very bitter.  I once ordered a cake for the AGM
of our Canadian Diabetes Association Branch made by a company who marketed
their cakes because people sho had diabetes could eat them.  The cake was
terrible, very bitter and most people left their pieces, with only one bite
taken, on their plate.  I demanded a refund.

With all the baking I have done, and having diabetes so long, I really find
it much better to use icings that are less sweet, like whipping cream or
Ganache, or even just sprinkle a cake with a light covering of icing sugar.
 Rather than reduce the sugar or substitute, I just recommend thin slices.

The company that made that horrible cake actually said their cakes were
sugar free.  After a long irrate discussion with me, I hope I helped
educate them as to the fact that their cakes may be sugar free but were not
carbohydrate free, therefore required the same amount of planning as any
other piece of food placed in the mouth of someone with diabetes.

I suppose this is similar to the heart conscious individual preaching the
merits of angel food cake.  Sure it has not cholesterol but plenty of sugar
which will lead to weight gain and maybe heart disease.

Constantly trying to educate.........which is why my pump is always very


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