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[IP] Wanna be an Author

Dear fellow pumpers.

I have had this naggy feeling for many years now, and I have now been
trying to put that to rest.  I have always wanted to have a book out there
from a diabetic's point of view.  There hasn't been much available. Now
you can find the rare book every now and then, but I want to add to that.

I want to be able to have a book that talked about living as a diabetic,
Or as some might want to say, living with diabetes.  ( I know I'm not PC
here, but I think I'll always call myself a diabetic) ANyhow, I am asking
for others to join me.  I would like to include your stories, your songs.

Anything that is eventually put together you will have a copy given to
you.  My grand intentions is to have this published.  But I don't think
that just one story would be interesting enough. 

Would you be interested in helping, and joining me? Please let me know.
Some of the things that I want are as follows:

How you were diagnosed, how you felt.

How did the family take it?

What has been the best advise ever given, how about the worse?
What advise would you want to give someone who is just diagnosed.

I will give every person credit for writting.  If you dn't want your real
name used, then we can change it. But I want to have your real name, that
way I can at least send you the finish product, and if there is ever
anything that you want to have changed before anything is really

Please only send your replies to me personally. I don't want to have IP
cluttered (Grin) Leave the subject the same.

Thank you for your time, and consideration.  This would really mean a lot
to me.  And hopefully to someone else with diabetes.

Christene Ullom

email @ redacted  (evenings)

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/