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Re: [IP] Tingling & Numbness

In a message dated 99-01-27 07:55:10 EST, you write:

<<  I also have been told that  improved control on the pump can make
  worse. >>
 I do not understand this at all.  Is this true?  Now that I have called the
 nurse so she can start working on my insurance company and I am going to
 hearing bad things abot the pump.  I have not been back to the eye doctor
 since I was diagnosed because my eyes are just now leveling out.  The nurse
 keeps assuring me that I do not have retinopathy, but I guess that is my
 fear.  I feel like I have such a fear that I am almost going to be willing
 something to be wrong. >>
Perhaps the opthalmologists on the list could give some input about this. None
of the patients I have put on the pump have developed increased complications
in the eyes. I have even had opthalmologists recommend the pump for several of
my patients.
Barbara B.
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