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Re: [IP] BGs are now down

Ginny wrote:

>I put my D pump back on..Bolused in within an hour my BGs are down to
>Now I think I am going to call minimed tomorrow and ask what is wrong?
>just wanted to share I am feeling better!

I've been following this thread, and I'm glad to hear things are back to
normal for you. I do have a couple thoughts on what you've been going through:

1)  You did well by returning to the previous pump (regardless of brand
affiliations here). I always try to "return to a known entity / limit
variables" while I try to troubleshoot something new.  I describe this as
"go with what you know, while you try to figure out the why of what's
wrong" - otherwise known as "GWWYKWYTTFOTWOWW" <VBG>

2)  There *are* differences in how the pumps deliver, but I don't think
that is the sole source of the problem here. The Disetronic delivers at a
higher pressure than the MiniMed. It's rate of delivery also differs, with
insulin delivering more frequently for basals (every three minutes,
regardless of basal rate), and quicker for boluses. This should not have
been the primary issue with the transition to the MM though.

Has the tissue at your infusion sites started to develop some scarring /
hardening from previous pumping? If so, the difference in the delivery
pressure between the two pumps may result in some discernable loss of
absorption with the MM. Just a thought, something else to consider.

3)  One thing often overlooked with the MM reservoirs is the need to move
the plunger up and down twice before filling. This ensures the lubricant is
evenly distributed in the reservoir barrel, and the plunger moves freely.
You've already spoken to the point of making sure the pump motor arms are
properly seated against the plunger before priming - this is very important.

4)  You shouldn't really need major adjustments in your basal rates when
you switch. I switched a couple years ago, (from the MM to the Disetronic),
and needed to make some adjustments, but not in the order of .5 unit basal
increases per hour. I found the major difference to be the lead time for
starting basal rate changes, since the Disetronic's rates are set to change
on the hour, unlike the MM, which can change at more frequent intervals.

Keep us in the loop on the progress with this problem. It's interesting, to
say the least.

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

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