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Re: [IP] synthroid?

At 03:29 PM 1/27/99 PST, you wrote:
>    Just got lab results back--I am feeling really bummed.  A1C was 8.3, 
>and I need to go back to synthroid.  I stopped taking it for a while cuz 
>it made me nauseus.  Is there anything else I could take?
>That damn A1c--I've actually been trying for the past three monthes--my 
>last one before that was 7.9 w/out trying.  I have no idea why it's so 
>~Heather(email @ redacted)
>Age 17, dx'd age 5
>pumping 1.5 yrs
>ICQ #25832056

hey, don't bum out ... i know from personal experience that sometimes the
lab results seem really wrong. like, my best A1c was when my sugars were
all over the place - my theory is that since it shows an average, all the
crazy hypos i was having made the result seem really good. but, if you
looked at my standard of deviation, it would be really, really big! don't
worry, it will come down eventually, just put it behind you because it's
just a number, not a judgement.

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