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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #774

At 10:31 AM 1/27/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I am flying to Washington, DC from Oregon, so there will be a three-hour
>time difference.  Would it be better to change the time on my pump or to
>set a temporary basal rate?  Anyone have experience with travelling through
>different time zones and what works best?  I'll be in DC for six

A lot of people just go ahead and change the time... especially if it's
going to be more than just a day or two. I'm also flying out soon (this
Monday also for 6 days), but for me it will only a two-hour time
difference. I plan on changing my time. 

I'm going to be messing with Texas... I hope I survive... :-) 

P.S. Jonelle, it was really nice to meet you the other night at the Pumper
Support Group meeting. 

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