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RE: Diab T-shirts, was....Re: [IP] bubbles in reservoi


I guess I am still somewhat naive, I didn't even realize someone would think
like that! I just thought it was a cute little jingle.

Judy Goetsch(please when you put up my posts use my name JUDY, so people
know I am writing the posts- I just happen to use my husband's e-mail
address. He's nice enough to share with me!)

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> > Coming home in the car yesterday I thought of something cute I
> though would
> > be neat on a shirt, but I don't know if we could use it because it is a
> > take-off on the old Dr. Pepper jingle. Anyway, here goes:
> >
> > I'm a pumper
> > He's a pumper
> > She's a pumper
> > Wouldn't you like to be a pumper too?
> >
> > Yeah, be a Pumper
> > C'mon be a Pumper!
> Gotta be careful about the "pumper" part. If Glenn is lurking out
> there, he can tell you an amusing story about the man who contacted
> him and wanted to join the list back when it was about 30 or so. He
> wanted to get "connected" to other "pumpers".  heh... heh...
> Michael <email @ redacted>
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