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Re: [IP] Was Wondering Moods... Extra

    Just saw something on the news about Prozac's patent expiring in 2000 &
the manufacturer getting frantic because last year's sales were over $2
BILLION!!!!  So obviously, you're far from the only one whose "body chemistry"
needs a "nudge". My friend & I refer to it as "better living through
chemistry". In all seriousness, I too believe that just as I take synthroid
for my deficient thyroid, and Melissa takes insulin for her expired beta
cells, that for those of us whose lives have been turned around by taking an
anti-depressant, there is sufficient documentation for believing that depleted
serotonin levels in the brain are a biochemical deficiency worth
supplementing. The "stigma" attached to "needing" these meds is simply that- a
mythical stigma.  I stopped "apologizing" to myself for needing this
medication when I happened to hear Mike Wallace on National Public Radio
describing his own descent into recurrent depression .  He referred to Zoloft
as his "lifesaver" & said that as far as he was concerned, he would be taking
it for the rest of his life because it had RESTORED his life!!!  My mother
suffers from "terminal negativity and catastrophizing" and would have
benefitted from these meds too I'm certain; and I believe the hereditary
component was passed on to me, and also to Melissa. For the time being, having
her bgs in better control seems to positively impact on Melissa's moods, but
I'm relieved to hear that those of you who are taking SSRIs-type meds aren't
seeing an effect on your bgs. The statistical findings are too significant NOT
to give credence to the connection between living with diabetes day after day
after after day after ..........and depression. I also post to the breast
cancer board & MANY of the women who post there have also resorted to anti-
depressants, not only to cope with the aftermath of the diagnosis & the
chronic nature of the illness, but also as a means of coping with
chemotherapy-induced menopausal hot flashes.

Renee (pump-mom coach to a 16 yr old pumping since March'96)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/