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Re: [IP] Re: USA Today article

In a message dated 99-01-27 08:55:01 EST, you write:

 Is it true that MD's don't do just pancreatic transplants >>

In the past few yrs, the Transplant Centers have started to put people on the
Pancreas tx list.  Generally, YES,  the pancreas is such a sensitive organ,
that they do the tx with the kidney  One just cant "ask" for a new pancreas.
The person has to be in pretty bad control and have all the complications,
while still being in good enough health to have the tx.  When you have the 2
organs, you take more immuno drugs of courss and now i only take 2 different
immuno for the kidney. Having a tx solves some problems, but you get a totally
new set of them.  I would choose to have the tx and deal with those side
effect anytime!  
The benefits physically were famtastic!  not to mention mentally.  BUT now
that I have lost the pancreas, the emotional loss far outweighs the physical.
They seem to do alot more of he pancreas tx back Eat, they take a few more
risks, i think.  Like, I sais, tho, Iam Not Giving Up!

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