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[IP] Arizona - HB2158

This message only applies to those individuals that live in Arizona.  I
am sorry if this is not proper use, but I know there are people on this
list from AZ and it's important to get this information out so we can
make some changes in this state.

Yesterday I spent the day at the Capitol.  I was able to meet with my
Representative and Senator for my district.  Two Issues / Concerns:

1. HB2158 ( House Bill ).  This bill would force Insurance Companies in
the State of AZ to pay for Diabetes Education.  This HB could save lives
and money ( for ourselves and insurance companies ).  These politicians
like the words "save money".  In order to get Bills passed people such
as ourselves need to write letters supporting the Bill and reasons why.
The Bill is being "passed through the Banking and Insurance Committee".
I don't begin to understand the whole political arena, but what I did
come away with is contact your representatives and write letters, they
really want to hear from us.  To me this Bill will bring AZ just one
more step closer to providing quality and needed care to diabetics.  I
was informed that letters should be sent to both your representatives
and the people on the committee.  I will provide you with the committee
people.  If you want to write to your representatives, I have a list and
can give you the names if you know what district you're in.

Banking and Insurance Committee
    Deborah Brimhall Chairman
    Steve May Vice Chairman
    Linda Binder
    Bill Brotherton
    Marion L.  Pickens
    Jim Weiers

Address:  1700 W. Washington
                Phoenix, AZ  85007-2890

Phone 1-800-352-8404

Web Site:

email @ redacted
userid = First Initial + First seven characters of surname.  Note:  I
have been trying this all morning and have not been able to connect as
of yet.

I will be working on a letter this weekend.  If you just want to use a
copy of my letter with your name I would be more then happy to provide
you with a copy.  Please feel free to contact me privately:
email @ redacted


I met with Steve May.  He informed that Deborah Brimhall is wanting to
do a Major Shake Down as far as HMO's and Managed Care in AZ.  She is
wanting any and all stories of problems people have experienced with
Insurance Companies.  Her direct number is 602.542-5861.  I plan to go
visit her next week, if anyone would like to know how that goes, please
let me know privately and I will give you an update.

Thank You,

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/