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Re: [IP] Was Wondering Moods... Extra


I have the same problem. My moods are wicked. I feel like I could tear
my husbands head off, especially, when I am having PMS. I feel
overcome with anger and fear at times.
I wish that I could be a jolly person all of the time but I can't be.
My doctor put me on prozac. This was before I started pumping. But
anyway, the prozac helped. I felt much better. Even my husband noticed
a big difference. I was a better person and "happier" with my life. I
thought that when I started pumping that my moods would control
themselves because my bg's would be in much better control - soooooo,
I stopped taking prozac(for a trail run). BIG mistake. I went back to
the "old" me. Cranky as a bear and not a happy camper. I was
disappointed because I was really hoping that I would be "cured" from
the mood swings. I am not saying that the pump didn't help because to
a degree it did. My brain just does not want to give in to
"happiness". I went back on the prozac and all is well. After 2 months
of pumping, I thought that I would try going off of the prozac again
to see if the time of pumping would help. Well, I was wrong again and
now I am on my way to the drug store to get a refill. I am hoping that
over time I will be free of prozac but until than it's a must because
I love my life and I want to love it happily.

Prozac does not seem to affect my sugars. I have been taking it since
May '98 and all seems o.k.

Hope this helped.

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