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Re: [IP] Re: USA Today article

>> What I haven't seen mentioned on IP is anything about Pfizer's new drug
>> they
>> claim will curb diabetes' long term complications.  I heard about it on a
>> financial news report yesterday.  The report said the drug was about 1-2
>> years away from FDA approval.

>"Pfizer is also developing Alond, an aldose reductase inhibitor, to treat
>serious diabetic complications including nerve damage. Results to date
>indicate a significant improvement in nerve conduction velocity, a key
>of nerve function in diabetics."

>Is this what you read about Richard?

I heard the report on a Dow-Jones Money Markets radio program.

Then I read what Pfizer says it is working on regarding diabetes, and I was
reminded about the Tobolrestat, and it pretty much fell into place.

Before that, after hearing the report, I had tantalized myself thinking I
could keep my high blood sugars and, taking their drugs, would have no

IMO, losing a kidney would be about the worst complication I could imagine.
I'm not clear how these drugs would stave this off.

And I'm really not clear how Pfizer's drugs work either.

However, my Endo, Dr. Thomas Blevins, who is an authority on metabolic
pathways, is addressing a meeting of pumpers this evening in Austin, Texas.
I'll ask him about it tonight.

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