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Re: [IP] hypoglycemic seizures

Well Celia, it sounds ok to me, even will all those subtle double
negatives.  What it was supposed to say was we physiologists always use the
simplest models for as long as they continue to provide sensible
interpretations.  But with all the current doublespeak going on in the
country these days, it seems to have affected my linguistic abilities.
What after all does "necessary" really mean? And "it" can also mean
anything we want it too.  *S*

<But since you clearly have a sense of humour, Wayne, can you see why a a
lawyer or
<scientist might understand the following statement whereas a mathematician
(such as
<myself) might consider it to be highbrow humour?

>> It  certainly might be possible, but unless the
>>simpler explanations fail,  it might not be necessary to get so complex.

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