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Re: [IP] site infection

   Ok..here's the drill as we experienced it: that "knot" as you described it
can affect future absorption so Melissa was advised to completely avoid that
area for MONTHS. Her first infection was the worst because she neglected to
mention that the site was "sore & red" until hours later.  Keflex & hot
compresses took care of the infection. I think the placement of the insertion
vs. her hip-hugging snug jeans combined to create the problem - not to mention
the fact that it was a Softset insertion.
    Site infection #2 was probably due to poor hygiene - as in, she didn't
have time to shower & "just changed the site" without washing off her skin.
(hey Mom - how dirty could it be??? DUH...obviously, dirty enough!!!) We
caught that one much earlier & still did the Keflex prophyllactically because
I seem to recall it being right before a holiday weekend. Resolved very
    Site infection #3's cause  was a mystery to us, but the good news is that
we caught it VERY early & thanks to the suggestion of Judy (Elissa's mom), by
using hydrogen peroxide to allow the pus to "bubble out", along with hot
compresses, we staved off a worsening scenario & never even needed the
    That third one was probably close to 2 years ago. Changing to silhouette
insertion sets, inserting on her "butt" & never varying her hygiene routine
(washes her hands & the site area with Hibiclens) seems to have resolved the
problem. Melissa 's initial infection was "cultured" because I was managing a
doctor's office at the time & it came back "staph aureus", which apparently is
a bacteria which some people are prone to harbor.  They also cultured her nose
& found it there too- which just gave credence to my admonition to her to re-
wash her hands if she happened to sneeze while changing the site!!!!!

regards, Renee
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