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Re: [IP] Tingling & Numbness

In a message dated 1/27/1999 2:11:29 AM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< In a message dated 1/26/99 10:48:39 PM Eastern Standard Time,
 email @ redacted writes:
 << I also have been told that  improved control on the pump can make
  worse. >> >>
Don't everyone get too nervous.  When i first went on blood sugar monitoring,
my endo told me the same thing and it did not happen. I also did not happen
when i went on the pump. If the eye problems do get worse, it is also supposed
to be a temporary thing, and as my endo and eye doctor discussed with me, a
temporary eye problem would be worth the improved control in the long fun.
Everybody hang in there and don't assume the worst!

dx'd 1960
pumping 2 mos
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