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Re: [IP] Re: Still High

I am priming the pump properly..Thanks for the thought though. WE increased
some more the basal rates and this AM when I woke up my BGs were 205 almost 50
points lower. There seems to be a difference between the pumps.  I don't like
to use more insulin when I didn't have to before. I think I like the D pump
better..this one may be heading back to the facotry. Why should I use a piece
of equipment that is not foing me any good? Disetronic will be back in use
tonight when I change set ups.

At 01:31 AM 1/27/99 , you wrote:
>>GINNY KLOTH--If you are not totally PRIMING YOUR infusion set by making sure
>>the lever which presses against the plunger of the insulin reservoir is
>>droplets of insulin run OUT of the metal needle BEFORE insertion-->by either
>>Bolusing or priming. A SMALL gap here , or lack of pressure here could delay
>>any insulin delivery for a long period of time.*****and if you changed the
>>infusion set a second time  and  made the same mistake a second time then
>>would get another delayed delivery.2 sets in 21/2 days. Hmmmmm ???
>This is an excellent point... I'm sure there are some major differences in
>the way that you set-up, load and prime each pump. Were you given specific
>training on how the Minimed works? If not, you need to read the
>instructions very carefully and see if you can get some help (or
>recommendations) from your MiniMed Rep. Like any device, it will work great
>if used properly... but not knowing the "rules" can lead to disaster.
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