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[IP] Re: Still High

>GINNY KLOTH--If you are not totally PRIMING YOUR infusion set by making sure
>the lever which presses against the plunger of the insulin reservoir is making
>droplets of insulin run OUT of the metal needle BEFORE insertion-->by either
>Bolusing or priming. A SMALL gap here , or lack of pressure here could delay
>any insulin delivery for a long period of time.*****and if you changed the
>infusion set a second time  and  made the same mistake a second time then you
>would get another delayed delivery.2 sets in 21/2 days. Hmmmmm ???

This is an excellent point... I'm sure there are some major differences in
the way that you set-up, load and prime each pump. Were you given specific
training on how the Minimed works? If not, you need to read the
instructions very carefully and see if you can get some help (or
recommendations) from your MiniMed Rep. Like any device, it will work great
if used properly... but not knowing the "rules" can lead to disaster.


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