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[IP] Pfizer diabetes drug nearing approval

The touted drug may be topolrestat, a drug to reduce diabetic neuropathy
(particularly retinal degeneration?).  Pfizer's website says it is
undergoing regulatory review.

I participated in a five year trial of topolrestat which ended four years

They gave me pills to take each morning.  Pfizer paid for my Dr. visits and
6x yearly blood and urine workups.  They took retinal photos each six
months.  Those lights were BRIGHT!!!  I had no retinopathy.  I never found
out if I was taking topolrestat or the placebo.

My HGba1c was also always under 7%.  On MDIs.

Just many, many hypoglycemias.

Now, pumping, I've had no hypoglycemias, and HGba1c around 5%.

>What I haven't seen mentioned on IP is anything about Pfizer's new drug
>claim will curb diabetes' long term complications.  I heard about it on a
>financial news report yesterday.  The report said the drug was about 1-2
>years away from FDA approval.

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