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Re: [IP] Re: USA Today article

I haavent yet read the article, but Iam a transplant recepient.  I was dx with
Diabetes at the age of 9 mos(in 1967). I have always been very brittle. Thru
the yrs of being soo brittle, my kidney finally failed.  In 2/93, I had a
kidney/pancreass transplant.  I was TOTALLT DIABETES FREE for 4 years.  I lost
my pancreas in 97,  It thrombosed, clotted of and died.  During the 4 years,
it was great!  My blood Pressure was under mucgh better control, I went from 4
BP pills a day, to just 1.  I took NO insulin at al during this time.  My GI
nerve problems had improves.  My eyes were great!  Almost every complication
had improved .  Not totally gon, but didnt get anyworse.  Now tht i have been
a diabetic again for almost 2 yrs, the complications are much m,uch worse.
taking the immuno drugs come with their own siede effects, but they ARE WORTH
IT!!  I would go thru the tx again in a heart beat!!! Oh, I still have my tx
kidney, he is doing well.
A transplant does much much more than just let one be injection free, it also
helps with the complications and that includes not attacking the kidneys,
unlike now.

Just my personal experience.

Julie K. Farrens (jul)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/