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[IP] site infection

Well, we have just 'survived' Amy's 1st site infection - and I hope her last!
Routine change out and discovered lots of puss! High bgs, high ketones,
vomiting and pain. Got her on antibiotics right away, kept warm compresses on
the site (her dad had already applied pressure during the change to get as
much puss out w/o hurting her). After 6 hours, she felt fine! But, the site
was tender for about 4 days, and she still has a knot about the size of the
tip of her baby finger that you can't see, but you sure can feel. My question
is - how long will this bump last?? Is it still an infection in there? Her
antibiotic regimen is over tomorrow. Pain is gone, but not the bump. 
Thanks for any info gang!
Sue Tappendorf
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