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[IP] Stretch Marks

As I watched the discussion about above the waist vs. below the waist
sites -- it occurred to me that I've never taken injections below the
waist because I'm pretty stippled with old stretch marks from my
pregnancy 25 years ago, and I thought that they might interfere with

But now that I'm going on the pump, I am, I am!! I wonder if it's really
true or not. If I could use below the waist, it would give me more
sites, but I really don't know whether the stretch marks are scar tissue
or what. 

Anybody know anything about it??

(My doc FINALLY faxed in the letter of medical necessity today, and so I
HOPE I have the pump in my hands in a few days -- still have to set up
the training session, but that shouldn't take too long, I HOPE!)


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