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[IP] Re: USA Today article

I too read the USA today article.  Another ommission (beyond
what Lisa said) pertains to the maintance immunosuppresion
drugs.  These were mentioned, but in a cursory manner.  A
lifetime of injections is still ahead (I think?)

The other aspect that my mind went to was how closely has he
worked to achieve "normal" control.  A related article
mentioned that as a teenager, he was not a model diabetic
(neither was I), but what sort of A1c's has been running
lately?  The pancrease transplant sounds like a big-name
solution to the problem, and there is talk of how he hopes
that this will enable him to save is damaged kidneys, but
what has been his approach previously, through all of his
eye problems and how effective has it been.

In a related question, with a pancrease transplant, isn't
there a tendancy for the immune system to attack the beta
cells again?  Or is this minimized through the whole
immunosuppression regiment.

I'm always sorry to see anyone else suffer, in this case it
could be me in his shoes next, but I can't help but think
that this situation is being played for maximum impact.  The
general population needs to know more about the quieter
struggles that we all deal with daily.

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