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Re: [IP] Accutility Software


The accutility software allows you to print out the lists in the meter.
They are vertical and not particularly manipulable but they work and
provide hard copies of your data.  My doctor doesn't like the print outs
(he likes when they go horizontal across the page by time) so I suspect
he reads more carefully when I log them.  I like them, b/c for some dumb
reason the printed versions I can live with, the imperfections in the
handwritten ones tend to drive me crazy.  I also like that it is quick.
The software is not particularly well designed or sophisticated and
suspect they could do much better.  I don't know if it is worth it or
not.  Sometimes your local rep will give it to you, once they are sold
on how much you blood test.

Sam Mooney wrote:

> I would like information from anyone who has used the
> Accutility software and transfer cable for the AccuCheck
> Complete.  I have the meter and wonder is the software
> and cable worth the cost.
> Thanks, Sam
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