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[IP] First day and ths @#%! tape!

MM has a very good article on the website dealing with the tape issue.
I've had several problems over the years, but usually with high humidity or
sweat.  I used to use either tegaderm or polyskin, then the softset.  John
Walsh, in Pumping Insulin recommends a layer of micropore (paper tape)
under the softset.  That is what I do now.  I also use IV Prep, because the
stickyness helps.

Only problem is the sometimes, I bent the needle when putting the set in
place.  This problem can be solved with a sof-serter (Have one on order).  

One last idea.  There are many pump clubs around the country where tape
issues get discussed.  I've been to meetings in San Diego, Orange County,
CA, and Long Beach.  Many of the old timers have good solutions.

Hope th above is useful.

Have a terrific day!
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